A watch is one of those rare products which reflects the personality of its creator as that, of course, of the wearer. It is a product which emits a positive  message, full of beauty, optimism and sensuality, despite the stringent mathematical precision  which inevitably goes into the making.

01 Enamel dial, circa 1840

As you can see from the pictures the enamel dial has indeed a great deal of Verdigris and of course some unfortunate hairline cracks. After careful conservation the original colour is more apparent and the hairline cracks have indeed greatly improved.





Enamel dial before conservation
Enamel dial post conservation
02 English Fob watch, circa 1890

This watch measures a tiny 30mm in diameter excluding crown and bow. Original blued spade and poker hand with black polished centre are always a sign of high quality watchmaking.

The movement is of very nice quality - known as a three quarter plate English lever, fully jewelled with frosted gilding to the plates and blued screws.